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This activity happens within your residence if needed, where a supportive carer (either an Artist or educator) will stimulate the creative person in you to make, build, paint, draw or work with whatever medium you choose to create something that gives you joy. Otherwise, we invite our participants along to the ArtsKool in Ocean Grove.

Art’sKool is an art school that is based on the coast of Victoria at Ocean Grove. The core value behind art’sKool is not just running art and pottery classes. It’s about generating confidence and self-esteem in our students and creating a community hub. We are building networks through our supportive inclusive programs and helping people’s wellbeing. art’sKool provides art programs with a difference! Each art session is unique and modern, but best of all it inspires every child and adult to have fun. Get ready to unleash your artistic flair in a positive and inspiring setting! Hence why it’s all about art’sKool!

Our Inclusive programs help children, teens and adults to engage in the art activities that are both fun and up-to-date. Our workshops and art classes on the Bellarine peninsula are designed to not only teach certain skills, but to also work on each person’s own strengths. art’sKool is very unique as we offer programs to as young as 5yrs and all abilities from absolute beginners to experienced artists, using a wide range of techniques and mediums. What makes our team happy is seeing the impact of having a creative outlet has on people’s lives. At art’sKool, we nurture creative skills and encourage teamwork. art’sKool also urges those who are involved to take part in Community Art Projects both locally and within the greater Geelong and Bellarine area.

Kaz McGlynn is known for her sharing of knowledge to help inspire and encourage her students on their journey of self-discovery and growth. Kaz and the team are leading the way as an outstanding business and service provider to the wider community especially those with a disability.

art’sKool is an award winning business. We offer Educational Artistic Programs through a professional, hands on approach to all ages and abilitiy. The skills acquired here can be integrated into your everyday life. Students feel a huge sense of achievement and have the opportunity to interact with other folks who often develop into life-long friends. It is “our happy safe place” where students can be themselves our students have said.

Total Time of Service:
2 Hours
Location of Service:
Ocean Grove
NDIS Service Category:
Group or Centre Based Activities