Ocean Grove - Blue Lake Reserve

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This is Ocean Grove's big secret spot! And to make it ever more accessible to our guests, it is only 100 metres from the Bell Air complex of wheelchair accessible homes.

Blue Waters Lake offers a tranquil and relaxing wheelchair accessible place for walking, riding, wheeling or a picnic. It is hidden away, and that's why we leave maps of Blue Waters in our accommodation for you.

The track around the lake is mainly flat, with a couple of undulating slopes, and there are several seats around the lake.  If you decide to bring a picnic lunch, there are wooden picnic tables located on the south side of the lake.  There is an abundance of wildlife but we ask that you avoid feeding the ducks bread. Instead, bird food or vege scraps are recommended.

Dogs are permitted at the lake, however they much be kept on a leash at all times.  Some of the ducks in the lake used to be household pets, and have been left at the lake to live.  They are very friendly (Ned is a particularly friendly duck), so dogs must always be kept under appropriate control.

Total Time of Service:
Nature Based Community & Social Interaction
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Blue Waters
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Blue Waters Drive, Ocean Grove