Wallington - Adventure Park Geelong

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The Adventure Park Geelong is just 5 km from Ocean Grove and offers an array of fun activities for everyone.  There are plenty of picnic spots, eateries and adventure if you choose.

Over half the rides at Adventure Park require no contact with water and are a perfect way to spend the day when the weather is a bit colder.

Adventure Ride Buddies will ride watersides with kids when a parent or guardian is unable to. These Ride Buddies are present to help accompany children, or wait with non riding children while parents enjoy the ride with their child.

Non water rides:

Ferris Wheel

Wave Swinger

Grand Carousel

Little Buggy Speedway

Skeleton Creek Mini Golf

Fortress Falls Mini Golf

Total Time of Service:
7 Hours
Location of Service:
NDIS Service Category:
Social, Economic and Community Participation